Scientific and Production Enterprise "Technology Center" was established in 1992 (registered on 30.10.1992, the) employees Voronezh Polytechnic Institute (now the Voronezh State Technical University), and is engaged in technology development and research in the field of rotary drawing of parts of steel and non-ferrous alloys, a consulting and engineering activities, the implementation of project activities in the "digital" form with the help of UG version 7.5 or earlier. During its activity the company designed and debugged production processes of manufacturing a wide range of products for different purposes for the aircraft, automotive, gas production, defense and food industry, implemented various design work, including the strength calculations.

The key to success is the production base, which includes a wide range of modern machines of different capacities, located on the largest enterprises of Voronezh. The basic equipment includes four specialized spinning machines of different capacities and sizes, allowing processing of the workpiece with a diameter of 4 meters, a thickness up to 20 mm (steel) and make any shape and shell thickness. Special demand kneading bowl 140 liters produced by our company with 1993 Bowls are made of stainless steel and mild steel by rotational extrusion without welded seams, which is the key to longevity, aesthetics and hygiene in operation.

The company since 2000 has been involved in organizing the Science-Engineering Conference "Aerospace Technology".


Korolkov Vladimir I.
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Academician of the Academy of Quality Problems,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy
of Natural Sciences