Price - 21400 rubles

Price valid until 31.12.2017

Bowls Dough , 140 l, from the manufacturer, for kneading machines such as TMM-140, TMM-140.2, MTM-140 and L4-HTV.

Made of stainless steel.

Дежа 140-1Дежа 140-2Дежа 140-3

Volume of the bowl - 140 l

The height of the tank - 720 mm

The diameter of the tank - 795 mm

Weight - not more than 30 kg

The products are manufactured since 1992. Advantages: no weld, rolled up cylindrically shaped edge, smooth surface.

As well as:
Bowls Dough 140 l, mild steel  - 11900 rub. 
The ACTION. Price valid until 31.12.2017

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