SPE "Technology Center" performs research and development on its own initiative as well as to order.

The main directions of scientific activity:

  • study of the theory of plastic deformation and forming parts in the processes of local cyclic deformation;
  • research and technological properties of sheet materials for rejection of non-ferrous alloys, ferrous and alloy steels;
  • development of process management service characteristics parts from sheet material;
  • development of methods and algorithms into account the effect of deformation and restraint stress concentration on the stress-strain state structures;
  • model development operations processes shaping sheet metal with the calculation of strain state and forecasting technological failures;
  • development automated design processes using a rotary drawing operations.


Spinning Process

Converting a form of matter with a local cyclic exposure is known since ancient times.

For example, Art pottery is well demonstrated Spinning principle:



However, the shaping of metals by means of this principle is somewhat complicated, so getting complex precision parts is not possible without the use of settlement system kinematics and treatment regimes.









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