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Spinning Process depends on a number of parameters that vary over time, so the main scientific task - the creation of mathematical models of rotary drawing based on a theoretical and experimental determination of the dependence of the parameters that influence the processes.
In SPE "Tehnologichksky center" Mathematical models of basic operations Spinning and technological failures, allowing analyze the behavior of the workpiece material during processing and implement a model experiment process. Model design technology makes it possible to carry out the analysis on the design of the part manufacturability, shorten time debugging technology, choose the near-optimal process. The proposed new design technology Spinning process is based on a mathematical model of operations that take into account the stress-strain state of the material of the workpiece during the entire treatment process from the initial harvesting to the finished part. Design technology allows you to create an integrated process of manufacturing parts, including various operations forming, heat treatment and support operations. Moreover, at any stage of processing is possible determine the status of the workpiece material and anticipate technological failures (Formation of local thinning, tears and wrinkles, etc.). Developed special algorithms that use the results of the design process, not only on CNC equipment, but also to apply them to the Spinning Technology with management template that is design templates and optimize the management of the scheme. On the basis of the developed models of operations and technology failures, methods of calculation and design of technological operations created and developed computer-aided design processes Spinning.

Developments in Spinning implemented

RWS system structure comprises:

  • rendering of data for calculation - the preprocessor - defining process flow, preparation of geometric (geometry parts, harvesting, equipment, tools) and process (the original characteristics of the material required by the drawing accuracy and roughness coefficients of friction of rolling and sliding power parameters of the equipment and connection dimensions etc.) of the data;
  • calculated block - calculation of the operation;
  • processing module of results and creation process - post-processor - present calculations, including visualization, creation of copiers and control programs;
  • Base equipment, tooling, tools and materials.

The system has the possibility to manually adjust the calculation of the technologist (technological parameters of the transition and passage, the tool path on the walkway).
At the top level of a technical process - working with the operation of RV - is the choice of equipment, automatic (different models of calculation: in the geometric attributes, on the maximum allowable accumulated strain on the transition, the marginal properties of the material - for rejection) or manual partitioning into conversions.
Then - when dealing with the transition - the operator selects a tool, then the system can automatically determine the parameters of the transition, the transition to break up passes (on the minimum total work of plastic deformation at maximum strain on the aisle) and calculate them. When working with a modal shift automatically created and stored control information for the machine - raw data for post processing. Linking to a specific equipment is carried out in postprocessor.

Post-processor includes a range of options:

  • generation of control programs encoded in ISO, EIA for the management of information (the tool path, technological regimes), formed in the calculation of the system RWS;
  • generation of control programs for the control information specified by the user;
  • editing process conditions and the tool path for the program;
  • re-encoding of control programs;
  • tool in the selection of equipment and systems from files and DXF RWS;
  • visualization of the program run on different time scales: the movement of the main drive, drives innings, workpiece geometry to pass;
  • output control programs on paper tape;
  • interface customization options, and post-processor in accordance with the preferences of the user;
  • developed system of care.


Post-processor allows to take into account the limitations imposed joint position rigging (mandrel), slide the machine with the established instrument (roll), and the limitations imposed by the system CNC machine tool, powerful main drive and feed. Graphical interface allows you to control the screen with any point of view in the form of an arbitrary scale workpiece during morphogenesis, the gaps between tools and equipment - the current thickness of the workpiece, the trajectory of the roller speed of rotation of the mandrel, to estimate the rate of deformation.

The graphical part of the system is created using API OpenGL:

  • mapping tool paths;
  • оThe trans-current geometry of the deformable workpiece highlighting areas of possible technological failures;
  • three-dimensional display machine tooling and the tool supporting facilities, etc.



Thus, for the first time for the process Spinning is the tight integration of calculation and production, thus expanding the scope of the Spinning and reduce the pre-production. The developed software system provides a complete imitation, conducting experiments on debugging process and synthesize the information management process.



The system of calculation operations Spinning with thinning and thinning without deliberate RWS integrated technology and the manufacture of parts, designed with the help of this system, shown at domestic and foreign exhibitions, implemented at a number of defense enterprises of Voronezh, Russian Institute of Light Alloys (WHEELS), the National Institute of Aviation Technology (NIAT).
The usage of a software system using technologies Spinning in the industry can produce many different axially symmetric parts of machinery with high performance, with minimal production costs and contribute to the development of automated production: accumulated extensive practical experience in designing manufacturing processes such details as rws-11fairings for Airbus engine IL-86, IL-96, AN-70, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, reflectors, thin-walled tubes etc. Using the software system were set up manufacturing methods containers for meat and bakery industries of iron and stainless steel - dezhey, cutters и т.п.rws-07rws-08 These tanks are manufactured on CNC machines the company "LEIFELD" type APED and PLB with copy-control pattern. Used RWS generated NC programs for CNC machines for manufacturing rws-03rws-04rws-05aluminum (alloys AMg2M, AMg3) and steel (alloy 08kp) semihoops composite motor drives a diameter of 13 and 15 inches.


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