Metal forming technology, which deals with SPE "Technology Center", are becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of parts due to the economical use of the metal and the possibility of obtaining optimum mechanical properties of the components. Promising cost-effective and flexible way of the rotary extrusion.

изделия ротационной вытяжкиThese methods can produce a variety of axially symmetric hollow parts with different shapes forming and wall thickness, for example, Part of aviation and missile technology; Corps combat missiles; Large-sized shell of high accuracy; bowl, Maritime and other containers for food processing equipment; мetallicheskuyu household utensils, brass musical instruments, various types of vessels - from aluminum bottles to pressure vessels, bellows, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and many other details. Spinning technology also finds application in the manufacture of V-belt pulleys, automotive parts - wheels, Reflectors etc. A wealth of practical experience in the design process of manufacturing parts such as fairings for engines Airbus 'Ilyushin', hydraulic cylinders, reflectors, thin-walled tubes, etc.
The thickness of these types of items may vary from 0.1 mm to 60 mm.


Spinning - the process of local cyclic deformation rotating flat or hollow shell deforming tool in the form of one or more rollers and a real alternative to conventional sheet forming in the manufacture of axisymmetric parts. Tools for Spinning method more often than not tied to the geometry of the parts. In this regard, this method has a sufficiently cost-effective and highly flexible, allowing davilnjami be a promising method not only in mass production, but also release at a limited number of parts and manufacturing unit prototypes.

Spinning process is more amenable to automation than most of forming sheet metal forming operations because the equipment is used, according to its kinematic scheme and control system similar to the universal machine tools turning, milling groups, and possibly combining several operations on the same equipment up to manufacturing the finished part. Furthermore, this equipment is quite versatile and can produce parts of complex shape and of different dimensions.

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  • A relatively simple and inexpensive production tools and instruments.
  • Achieving significantly large plastic deformations (90%) without heat treatment as compared with other operations cold stamping.
  • Sufficiently low power consumption and capacity of the equipment.
  • The possibility of forming parts of hard alloys.
  • Implementation of local plastic deformation heating chamber.
  • Implementation of combining in one machine with one set of basic and dodelochnyh Operations (burnishing the surface, cutting the flange segments allowance or a bottom, bending or curling edges, beading, etc.).
  • Combination in a single automated cycle of several major operations (hood, forming, crimping, distribution, dished).
  • Getting the details of a given variable cross-section of the walls, the processing of parts from sheet metal, extruded, forged, cast or welded blanks, thereby obtaining a superior metal structure - the hardness and tensile strength of the material of the workpiece is increased to 2 times compared with the material of the workpiece.
  • Ability to adjust the accuracy of the resulting preform (details) appropriate choice of treatment regimes.
  • Providing high purity surface of the part corresponding to the finishing operations - surface roughness up to Ra 0.32.


  • Small time and costs for the preparation of production.
  • High economic efficiency in the manufacture of parts in small batches.
  • Reducing cycle machining and cost savings by reducing the number of transitions and concentration of operations in one workplace.
  • Increased utilization of the metal.
  • Quick change-over to production of new parts.
  • Highly automated rotary drawing on the automated equipment, which allows efficient use of the process for mass production.

Traditional surgery Spinning, ispolzovavschiesya earlier  mainly responsible for the production of parts osobotochnyh space and military technology, thanks to the creation of sufficiently reliable Mathematical models with appropriate methodological and software received  the ability to effectively use the flexible production today. The use of technology in the industry Spinning can produce many rotationally symmetric parts of different machines and mechanisms  high performance with minimal production  costs, contributing to the development of automated production.